“The medical community, including the AMA, recognizes a distinction between sex and gender and has called for legal protections for the gender non-conforming community.”

2019 House of Delegates Report of Resolutions Committee 2

Brian Bachelder, Marla Haller, Haidn Foster, David Griffith, Mary LaPlante, Suman Mishr, Suzanne Sampang, Charles Smith, and William Sternfeld

Affirming the Medical Spectrum of Gender (H-65.962)

New HOD policy. Adopted, House of Delegates. Co-author.

Our AMA opposes any efforts to deny an individual’s right to determine their stated sex marker or gender identity.

Medical Spectrum of Gender (D-295.312)

Amendment to existing HOD policy. Adopted, House of Delegates. Co-author.

Given the medical spectrum of gender identity and sex, our AMA: (1) will work with appropriate medical organizations and community based organizations to inform and educate the medical community and the public on the medical spectrum of gender identity; (2) will educate state and federal policymakers and legislators on and advocate for policies addressing the medical spectrum of gender identity to ensure access to quality health care; and (3) affirms that an individual’s genotypic sex, phenotypic sex, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity are not always aligned or indicative of the other, and that gender for many individuals may differ from the sex assigned at birth.

Sexual and Gender Minority Populations in Medical Research

Adopted, Medical Student Section. Lead author.

RESOLVED, That our AMA amend policy H-315.967 Promoting Inclusive Gender, Sex, and Sexual Orientation Options on Medical Documentation by insertion and deletion as follows:

Promoting Inclusive Gender, Sex, and Sexual Orientation Options on Medical Documentation

Our AMA: (1) supports the voluntary inclusion of a patient's biological sex, current gender identity, sexual orientation, and preferred gender pronoun(s) in medical documentation and related forms, including in electronic health records, in a culturally-sensitive and voluntary manner; and (2) will advocate for collection of patient data in medical documentation and in medical research studies, according to current best practices, that is inclusive of sexual orientation/gender identity sexual orientation, gender identity, and other sexual and gender minority traits such as differences/disorders of sex development for the purposes of research into patient and population health.

Opposing Mandated Reporting of People Who Question Their Gender Identity

Adopted, Medical Student Section. Co-author.

RESOLVED, That our AMA oppose mandated reporting of youth who question or express interest in exploring their gender identity.

2018 MSS Interim Reference Committee Report

Lauren Benning, Ankita Brahmaroutu, Lauren Engel, Haidn Foster, Moudi Hubeishy, Krishna Kinariwala, and Stephanie Strohbeen